The Sixth Washington Area IT Symposium (WAITS) will be hosted in Arlington Virginia by George Mason University the afternoon of April 29th, 2022 from Noon to 2:30pm. Pallab has promised sandwiches!

The goal of WAITS is to bring together like-minded IS scholars in the greater DC Metro area and facilitate inter-school dialogue and collaboration. While there are many business schools in the DMV, and many tremendous IS departments each with their own talented researchers, communication between the groups is limited. This stifles synergies, creative and innovative work, and the opportunity for each of us to learn from each other. It is the objective of WAITS to eliminate this problem by coming together every semester.


We are lucky to have two fantastic researchers giving talks.

Profile Image
Siddarth Bhattacharya
George Mason University
Photograph of Heng Xu
Heng Xu
American University

Abstracts of both scholars work will be posted closer to the date of the Symposium

Want to present at WAITS? Shoot me an email. You know how to find me.