The third Washington Area IT Symposium (WAITS) will be hosted by American University the afternoon of Nov 20th, 2020 at 3pm. But it’s a pandemic, so we do it online. This episode of WAITS will be entitled: The One Where We All Went Online

The goal of WAITS is to bring together like-minded IS scholars in the greater DC Metro area and facilitate inter-school dialogue and collaboration. While there are many business schools in the DMV, and many tremendous IS departments each with their own talented researchers, communication between the groups is limited. This stifles synergies, creative and innovative work, and the opportunity for each of us to learn from each other. It is the objective of WAITS to eliminate this problem by coming together every few months.

The Details

  • Who: IS scholars sharing good work
  • What: Well, the first bullet kind of got at it but I am stuck in the format
  • Where: ZOOM! (Link to be sent)
  • When: November 20th! 3pm!
  • Why: Because even a pandemic can’t get us down! We were Zooming before it was cool. And we took our courses online first, because we were already awake late into the evening.
  • How(ard University): Folks will also be joining us this time! It’s nice to keep the community growing! Welcome!
  • For(mat): I realize that I am pushing the joke to the breaking point. In deference to the ultra zoom fatigue that is setting in, we will be doing two 25 minute sessions. Nothing but the highlights. Findings, Formulations, and Fixed Effects!

Want to host the next WAITS? We’re looking at you Maryland and/or GWU and/or UVA and/or Hopkins and/or Howard!


We are lucky to have two fantastic researchers giving talks.

Yixin Lu
Information Systems & Technology Management
George Washington University


Nirup Menon
Professor, Area Chair, and Dean
George Mason School of Business