Greenwood CV (December 2018)


  • University of Minnesota – Twin Cities ­ Associate Professor­ ­ ­ July ’17 – Present
  • Temple University Assistant Professor ­ ­ ­ July ‘14 – June ’17
    • Richard J Fox Faculty Fellow ­ ­ ­ Nov ’16 – June ’17
  • University of Maryland, College Park Visiting Assistant Professor ­ ­ ­ Aug ‘13 – May ‘14
  • University of Maryland, College Park Graduate Assistant ­ ­ ­ Aug ‘08 – May ‘13
  • University of Notre Dame Graduate Assistant ­ ­ ­ Aug ‘07 – May ‘08
  • Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Research Assistant ­ ­ ­ Aug ‘03 – May ‘04


  • PhD: Decisions, Operations, and Information Technology; Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland, May 2013
  • MBA: IT Consulting; University of Notre Dame, Mendoza College of Business, May 2008
  • MIT: Information Technology; Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Dec 2006
  • BS: Information Technology; Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, May 2004

RESEARCH (Interests: Information Availability, Decision Making, Healthcare, Data Analytics)

  • Dissertation Title: Pokes, Prods, and Pushes: Information Availability and Decision Making in Ambiguous Environments
  • Committee: Ritu Agarwal (co-chair), Anandasivam Gopal (co-chair), Rajshree Agarwal, Guodong (Gordon) Gao, Alan Neustadtl (Dean’s Representative)


  • Hilal Atasoy, Brad N Greenwood, Jeff McCullough (2018) “The Digitization of Patient Care: A Review and Paths Forward on Electronic Health Records Research” Annual Review of Public Health; Forthcoming
  • Brad N Greenwood, Ritu Agarwal, Rajshree Agarwal, Anand Gopal (2018) “The Role of Individual and Organizational Expertise in the Adoption of New Practices” Organization Science; Forthcoming
  • Brad N Greenwood, Kartik Ganju, Corey Angst “How Does the Implementation of Enterprise Information Systems Affect a Professional’s Mobility? An Empirical Study” Information Systems Research; Forthcoming
    • 2017 Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings, TIM Division
  • Gordon Burtch, Seth Carnahan, Brad N Greenwood (2018) “Can You Gig It? An Empirical Examination of the Gig Economy and Entrepreneurial Activity; Management Science; 64(12) 5497-5520 – LINK
    • 2016 Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings, TIM Division
  • Brad N Greenwood, Seth Carnahan, Laura Huang (2018) “Patient-Physician Gender Concordance and Increased Mortality Among Female Heart Attack Patients” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences; 115 (34) 8569-8574 – LINK
  • Seth Carnahan, Brad N Greenwood (2018) “Managers’ Political Beliefs and Gender Inequality among Subordinates: Does His Ideology Matter More than Hers?” Administrative Science Quarterly; 63 (2) 287-322 – LINK
    • 2016 Academy of Management Best Paper Finalist, OMT Division
    • 2016 Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings, OMT Division
  • Brad Greenwood, Anand Gopal (2017) “Ending the Mending Wall: Exploring Entrepreneur Venture Capital Co-Location in IT Ventures” MIS Quarterly; 41(3) 989-1007 – LINK
  • Brad N Greenwood, Ritu Agarwal, Rajshree Agarwal, Anand Gopal (2017) “The When and Why of Abandonment: The Role of Organizational Differences in Medical Technology Lifecycles” Management Science; 63(9) pp. 2948–2966  PDF
    • 2015 Utah Winter Conference on Business Intelligence Most Publishable Paper
  • Anand Gopal, Brad N Greenwood (2017) “Traders, guns, and money: The effects of mass shootings on stock prices of firearm manufacturers in the U.S.” PLoS ONE 12(5): e0177720. – LINK
  • Brad Greenwood, Sunil Wattal; (2017) “Show Me the Way to Go Home: An Empirical Investigation of Ride Sharing and Motor Vehicle Fatalities” MIS Quarterly; 41(1), pp 163-187 – PDF
    • 2015 Conference on Information Systems and Technology, Runner Up for Best Conference Paper
    • 2015 Workshop on Health IT Economics, Runner Up for Best Young Scholar Award
  • Brad Greenwood, Ritu Agarwal (2016) “Matching Platforms and HIV Incidence: An Empirical Investigation of Race, Gender, and Socio-Economic Status” Management Science; 62(8), pp. 2281–2303 – PDF
  • Brad Greenwood, Anand Gopal (2015) “Tigerblood: Newspapers, Blogs, and the Founding of Information Technology Firms” Information Systems Research; 26(4), 812-828 – PDF
    • 2012 Academy of Management Best Empirical Paper Award, ENT Division
  • Gordon Gao, Brad N Greenwood, Jeff McCullough, Ritu Agarwal; (2015) “Vocal Minority and Silent Majority: How do Online Ratings Reflect Population Perceptions of Quality?” MIS Quarterly; Vol. 39 No. 3, pp. 565-589 – PDF
    • 2015 MIS Quarterly Best Paper Winner
  • Corey M Angst, Sarv Devaraj, Carrie Queenan, Brad Greenwood; (2011) “Performance effects related to the sequence of implementation of health information technologies.” Productions and Operations Management; 20(3) 319-333 – PDF
    • 2013 POMS College of Service Operations Most Influential Paper


  • Brad N Greenwood, Gordon Burtch, Seth Carnahan (2017) “Unknowns of the Gig-Economy” Communications of the ACM; 60 (7), 27-29 – LINK

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